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[About Percy and Annabeth] 13. Hold

During those terrible and endless minutes in which Percy waited for Annabeth to climb down that damn ship, a lot of things crossed his mind.

He wanted so much to see her, he needed to see her.

He wanted to look at her for many minutes and make sure that he still had all her details very clear in his mind.

He wanted to ask a thousand times how she was to be sure she was okay.

He wanted to touch her skin and her hair and finally feel that softness that his memory made tingle between his fingers.

He wanted to look in her eyes so she could see for herself, no need of words, how much he missed her.

He wanted to her for hours to feel that happiness and that love that just her lips afforded.

But when she appeared a few meters away from him, Percy’s mind went blank. His breath failed, his heart skipped a lot of beats and the floor faded beneath his feet.

He was only able to run towards her and to hold her fiercely between his arms, letting that knowledge spread through his body: she was there, with him, in his arms. And he would never let her get away again.

Andrew & Emma

[About Percy and Annabeth] 12. Tease

For the outsiders, Percy and Annabeth were always fighting. It was possible to see them arguing or ignoring each other.

But in contraire to popular belief – and deductions -, Percy and Annabeth hadn’t actually fought for a long time, since the beginning of the relationship, at least.

The fact is that Percy and Annabeth learned to tease each other. It was… exciting to see that little annoyed spark in each other’s eyes, or the challenge spark.

That’s why even not fighting anymore, they still went on with the “fights”.

They liked to tease and they would never stop.

Andrew & Emma

[About Percy and Annabeth] 11. Eyes

Percy liked absolutely everything about Annabeth. Her behavior, her laugh, her smile, her hair, her skin. But is he had to choose something that made her unique among everyone else the answer would definitely be the eyes.

Everything about her eyes was singular and special.

The color. Percy had never seen another person with the same eye color. A light gray somewhat translucent that depending on the clarity and the distance could be mistaken with any other color.

The brightness. Her eyes acquired different kinds of sparks depending on the situation, all of them very her. A sparse and sketchy glow when she was she was nervous, an intense and simple spark when she was happy, a discrete shine when she was sad.

The intensity. Her gaze was so intense all the time, seeing things in places no one else saw, reading behind masks and lies, making everyone feel exposed.

The life. Her eyes were alive. That look that could read everyone so well was also full of stories and feelings, things that Percy could see so easily just by glancing at her.

Annabeth’s eyes were unique for him, just like her.

Andrew & Emma

[About Harry and Ginny] 10. Young

Harry always dreamt about the years he’d still had to live – if he could manage to live them – and that’s why getting old never really scared him. He wanted a family, a house full of kids, children smiling, running and making a huge mess. He wanted to be there at all times, like the first word, the first broom flight, the first time on the Hogwarts express.

However, despite always dreaming about it, the feeling he had when he got back home after leaving his three kids – Lily for the first time – on the train was weird. Harry couldn’t remember of a time he felt that nostalgic. And for one moment that saddened him.

But when he looked around he realized there was no reason for that. The house had children’s marks all over it, toys spread on the floor, messes they had made, height marks on the walls. The house was young.

And Ginny was there, tiding everything up like she always did, making him feel that he was not alone and that everything was like it was supposed to be.

Ginny made him feel young, and he loved that.

Andrew & Emma

[About Percy and Annabeth] 10. Bake

Annabeth had many qualities, but cooking wasn’t one of them. Still she was willing to spend the entire day on the kitchen, if necessary, to make Percy that surprise.

It was his birthday and she’d go to his house that night for the little reunion his mom was preparing. Sally would do all the food, of course, even because she knew the girl and the kitchen didn’t really get along, but Annabeth had to manage at least that, because it would be special and probably th onl thing she’d be able to find.

After many hours in the kitchen and many failed tries she found herself with a presentable blue cupcake in her hands. She smiled happy with herself and got changed to go to her boyfriend’s house. Getting there she was received by Sally and Paul and headed to his room with the cupcake in her hands.

“Happy birthday.” She said when she passed by the door, holding the cupcake in front of her.

e looked at her kind of surprised, but smiled when he saw she tried to remake his last birthday – that actually was when they started dating.

“Thank you.” He said walking over her and kissing her lips lightly. “And happy anniversary.” He added smiling.

She smiled and gave him the cupcake.

“What do you think?”

“That you’re brilliant.” He kept smiling, took the cupcake and bit a piece. He immediately made a grimace and let the blue cake on the table next to him. “But not a very good cook.”

he was ready to complain when he caught her by the waist and kissed her again. Maybe she wasn’t good at cooking, but Percy liked her anyway and that’s what mattered.

Andrew & Emma

[About Harry and Ginny] 09. Name

It’s not a secret to anyone that Ginny Always hated her name, Ginevra. It was a version of Guinevere, from King Arthur stories, but she still found it awful.

So, of course, ever since she was little her brothers always used it to badger her. Sometimes they’d call her by her name or even use it when they’d tell their mother she had done the mess that actually they had.

Because of that Ginny never told her name to people, they knew her as Ginny and that’s how it was supposed to be. However, sometime after they started dating, Harry asked her if Ginny was her real name or a nickname, and she could not lie to him, so she told him her name was Ginevra, but she hated it and would rather he didn’t call her like that. He laughed and said he thought the name was beautiful.

Although she still disagrees with him she had to agree that he said Ginevra followed by I love you the name sounded better. Harry simply could make everything prettier, even her name.

Andrew & Emma

[About Percy and Annabeth] 09. Act

After Percy woke up that morning, he still laid down for a few minutes. All those thoughts and feelings had been filling his head for days and it just got worse. Just the day before again, he got caught up in the moment and almost said it again. Maybe it was just a fact he had to accept: he loved Annabeth. Feeling an uncontrollable urge to say “I love you” seven times when he was with her couldn’t be for nothing.

So he decided he would tell her, but the right way. He left his room and saw her standing a few meters away, talking with one of her sisters. He started to walk towards her and as soon as her sister saw him, she pointed and said goodbye. Annabeth turned to him and smiled, waiting for him to approach, and when he was just in front of her, he poured: “I love you”.

Only when Annabeth scrunched her eyebrows a little surprises Percy realized what he’d said and let his jaw fall, uncertain about what to do next.

“Hum, good morning to you, too.” Annabeth said recovering from the shock, smiling lightly. “And I know that, Percy.” She came closer to him and kissed him briefly on the lips. “And I love you too”.

“Huh, morning.” He muttered ashamed when she pulled away. “What… what do you mean with ‘I know that’?”

“That I know.” Seeing him opening his mouth to ask something, she continued. “And no, it’s not because of all the times this week that you almost said it. Of course I noticed.” She added when helooked surprise. “You don’t need to tell me, Percy, you show it every day, in the way you act when you’re with me. Saying is just a detail.” And she kissed him again.

Percy smiled and took her hand so they could go together to the dining pavilion, kissing her cheek.

Annabeth just smiled. There he was acting again, and he didn’t even notice.

Andrew & Emma

[About Harry and Ginny] 08. Naked

Whenever Ginny’s teammates asked her if Harry was a good boyfriend she laughed. Laughed because the idea of an uncaring Harry that didn’t give her attention was comic. He was always there and somehow he always knew what she needed; it’d just take one look for him to know if she was happy, sad, angry. Even when she didn’t want anyone to know and put on her best mask to hide it.

She had long given up hiding anything from him. The acting she did perfectly in front of other had no effect on him, he could read her as easily as an open book, like she wasn’t faking anything.

And she’d always thank for not having to put in words her need of space or hugs. He knew what she was feeling, and he knew to give her what she needed.

Andrew & Emma

[About Percy and Annabeth] 08. New

Percy had never dated before Annabeth, and neither had she. The knowledge they both had about relationships was basically the same, meaning, almost nothing.

People had told them that it would pass, that nobody stays too long with the first date, that it was just a way to live the never before lived to prepare for “real life”.

Percy could not see that as true. Even after a year dating Annabeth he still got to live new things every day, being with her was still something new, even after so long.

Percy knew that’d still be new things between them for many years of dating. There was nothing to worry about.

Andrew & Emma

[About Harry and Ginny] 07. Ice

Harry just watched leaning against the wall as Ginny slid, fell, laughed and had fun like a kid on the skating-rink. She found out about the muggle “sport” a few weeks back and since then she’d been insisting a lot – and very convincingly – that they’d go to one.

Truth be told she was a total disaster. She couldn’t stand more than one minute up – holding at the walls – and fell like three times before she could stand again just to slid a little more and fall again. Sure, she was just stunning and graceful even falling. Her laugh, even far, filled Harry’s ears like music and her smile was everything he could look at for many minutes.

Suddenly she fell next to him – and he finally notices she’d been trying to circle around the rink for a long time to reach him – and he laughed loudly with her while helping her standing up.

“You suck at this, Gin.” He said still smiling as she got up and held him in a tight embrace.

“Oh, forgive my clumsiness, Mr. Potter.” She replied in a forced, ironic voice. “Why your grace doesn’t show me how it’s done?”

Harry smirked. He had ice-skated one time when he was a kid when the Dursley didn’t have anyone to watch him and Dudley had to ice-skate, so they didn’t have much choice other than take him. Harry had gotten along with the sport, but that’d been years ago and he didn’t know if he could do it again.

“Maybe another time?” He tried, still smirking.

She just gave him her evil grin and he sighed and gave up.

As soon as she let go of him and he slid away from the wall, he fell straight with his butt on the floor. Ginny laughed until her breath was gone while he tried to get up.

“You suck at this, Harry.” She repeated his words playfully when he managed to get up.

He just smiled and kissed her. That was just another thing to put on the list of stuff in common then:we both suck at ice-skating.